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An un-attributed Second World War & Indochina Wars medal group of 7, including a Tunisian Order of Nichan Iftikar

- Legion d'Honneur. 3rd Republic '1870' dated obverse. 5th class 'Chevalier'
- Cross of War Overseas Theatres of Operations (T.O.E.). With 2 x citations
- Combatants Cross (Croix Du Combatant). With French Mint marks
- Colonial Medal () with clasp 'Extreme Orient'
- Commemeorative Medal 1939-1945. With clasp 'France'. With French Mint marks
- Indochina Medal (Médaille Commémorative de la Campagne d'Indochine)
- Tunisia: Order of 'Nichan Iftikar' 5th class 'Chevalier' silvered & enamel

The Tunisian Order has the obverse monogram or 'Tougra' of Mohamed al Amin who was reigned as the 'Bey of Tunis' circa 1942-1957.

Note: The LOH - which is silver and enamel has 'both Poincon' and makers marks. Although the white enamel is damaged on the arms, but this does not detract from the look of the group, the medals all being equally toned and suspended from contemporary silk ribands in the correct order of precedence.

The group mounted as-worn on a double row mounting pad. The reverse of pad retaining the clasp fittings for wear


Condition: LOH with chipped enamels to arms otherwise the group GVF

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A rare Purple Heart medal group of 3 to a Scottish resident of the Hawaii Islands, who was 'Killed in Action' at Saipan: Private First Class Pearson Skene, Jr., HQ Co, 1st Battalion 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, United States Army, late

- Purple Heart (Charles P. Skene Jr)
- Asia Pacific Campaign Theater Medal
- Allied Victory Medal

Note: The Purple Heart' officially engraved on reverse and all medals being contemporary original issues on silk ribands, with correct brooch fittings exactly as issued by the War Department

Sold together with a most comprehensive archive of original letters, cards and photographs, far too much to list individually but including;

- Plush titled leatherett case of issue for Puple Heart addressed to NOK in Scotland
- Photograph of group of officers of The Hawaii Rifles, inc Lt. Skene (extreme left)
- Large illuminated Purple Heart bestowal document from President Franklin D. Roosevelt
- Copy of the 'Leo O Honomu' issue of August 1944, with front page obituary
- Army notebook
- A selection of ornate,Christmas Cards from the Islands to his family in Scotland
- Various correspondence ex US War Department to next of kin in Aberdeen, Scotland
- Lots of letters and photographs from friends and well wishers in the islands
- Archive of letters written by Charles during his initial journey to Hawaai 1928

And much more.........

The below obituary (including garbled sentence and wrong date of education) with photograph of the fallen, was published in The Aberdeen Press & Jornal newspaper issue of 24 August, 1944



An Aberdeen sugar planter. Mr Charles P. Skene, second son of Mr & Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queens Gardens, has been killed in action against the Japanese while serving with the American forces in the South Pacific.

He fell in the fighting which led to the capture by the Americans of Saipan - the Bomb Tokio island (sp)

When Japan opened hotilities against America, Mr Skene was serving as a lieutenant with the Hawaii Rifles, a local defence force, but he decided to join the American Army

For fifteen years he had been on the sugar plantations at Honomu, Hawaii, where he was a field superintendent.

When news of his death was received at Honomu a special memoral service was held

Mr Skene was a popular figure in Honomu. A former member of the 1st Aberdeen Troop of the Boy Scouts, he started a Boy Scout troop for the natives

He was also an enthusiastic sportsman, and was also a member of the team which won the basketaball League championship in 1941. It was a tream of many nationalities, no fewer than five of Mr Skene's tem mates were Japs

Thirty five (?) years ago Mr Skene was a pupil of Aberdeen Grammar School

The same newspaper subsequently published the below Purple Heart award announcement, in their issue of 9 December 1944




Mr & Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen. have received a letter signed by Mr Henry L. Stimson, Secretary for War, U.S.A., announcing that their son, Pte. (First Class) Charles P. Skene, has been awarded the Purple Heart.

Pte. Skene lost his life when fighting with the American Army on the attack on Saipan

Mr. Stimson in his letter stated that he was writing on behalf of the President

Before joining the American Army, Pte. Skene was for fifteen years on sugar plantations at Honomu, Hawaii. He is a former pupil of the Aberdeen Grammar School


Charles Pearson Skene, Jr, Private (Ist Class), United States Army, second son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queen's Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland was killed in action on Saipan Island, South Pacific,on 12th July 1944, aged thirty-five. He left Scotland for Hawaii at the end of 1928, and becamea field superintendent on sugar plantations at Honomu. He started a Boy Scout troop for the natives and in 1941 he was manager of the team which won the basket ball league championship, a team of several nationalities, no fewer than five being Japanese. When Japan opened hostilities, he was serving as a Lieutenant with the Hawaii Rifles, a local defence force, but he subsequently decided to join the United States Army. All reports from his officers and from the men who fought the enemy by hi sside contained praise of his exemplary conduct in action, for which he was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge. In September 1944 his father received the following letter from Mr. Henry W.Stimson, then Secretary of War in the United States:-"At the request of the President, I writeto inform you that the Purple Heart has been awarded posthumously to your son, Private (1stClass) Charles P. Skene, Junior, Infantry, who sacrificed his life in defense ofhis country. Little thatwe can do or say will console you for the death of your loved one. We profoundly appreciate thegreatness of your loss, for in a very real sense the loss suffered by any of us in this battle for ourcountry is a loss shared by all of us." His body, originally interred in Saipan Island, was re-interredin Hilo Military Cemetery, Hawaii, in March 1949, with full military honours

In addition, to above, there is also multi-page copy of 'Individual Deceased Personal File' from Department of the Army, United States. This includes a most detailed and poignant set of correpondence pertaining to the recovery of the recipients body in-the-field, and subsequent reburials. PFC Skene was 'Killed-in-Action' due to being hit in the skull by shell-fire

A rare and most comprehensive Purple Heart group to a Scotsman, and long term resident of Hawaii - sold together with a large archive above referred to

Condition: EF

Code: 17639Price: 1000.00 GBP

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Belgium: Order of Leopold (Ordre de Léopold / Leopoldsorde). Military Division with 'Swords'. 5th Class (Knight). Uni-lingual (pre-1952) French language legend. With silk rosette on riband

Note: This particular silvered, gilt and enamel item of insignia is of exceptional quality - an early piece from the era of the Great war if not earlier

The Order of Leopold is the premier national order in the Belgian order of precedence. It was established in 1832

This type of insignia was widely awarded to British officers during both
World Wars

Condition: About EF

Code: 18169Price: 100.00 GBP

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Belgium: Order of Leopold (Ordre de Léopold / Leopoldsorde). Civil Division. 4th Class (Officer). Uni-lingual (pre-1952) French language legend. With silk rosette on riband

A silvered, gilt and enamel item of insignia, with intricate hinged supension

Note: An exceptionally fine crafted item of quality insignia

The Order of Leopold is the premier national order in the Belgian order of precedence, and was established in 1832

This type of insignia was widely awarded to British officials, diplomats and officers of the uniformed services during the World Wars

With small chip to reverse lower arm of cross

Condition: GVF

Code: 18171Price: 100.00 GBP

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Belgium: Order of Leopold (Ordre de Léopold / Orde van Leopold). Military Division. 5th Class 'Officer' with uni-lingual 'French' language obverse

The quality of the insignia is exquisite and of the highest quality of craftsmanship

It is of the 'French' language obverse type as awarded during both 'World Wars'. This most likely being dated to the era of the Great War

In the Belgian 'Order of Precedence' the Order of Leopold I is the 1st ranked national order in the Belgian order of precedence

Condition: Toned EF

Code: 18319Price: 115.00 GBP

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A Cavalry Officer Casualty positively attributed 'Double Gallantry' pair of decorations, with 'Brevet' on parchment: Lieutenant Geatan Marie Albert Leon Charles Francois Thimus, Cavalry Officer, Belgian Army

The pair of medals are;

- Belgium: Order of Leopold. 5th Class 'Cheavlier'. French legend & silver 'A' Palm
- Belgium: Cross of War 1914-1918. With Albert 'A' reverse & Bronze 'A' Palm emblem

Note: Sold together with large official award certificate, this named and dated 1918, and including the 'Citation'

Important: Both awards confirmed as awarded per Royal Decree of 23 July 1918, in respect of deeds of gallantry performed on 29 March 1918, the citation in French shown below;


Brilliant officier, tres decide et trois courageux. L'est elance a la tete de ses hommes dans un poste occupe par l'ennemi ou il fut recu a coupes de grenade. A grace a son attitude energique, rerpris ce poste au mepris des plus grand dangers, poste dans cequel il fit de nombreux prisonniers. Na pas hesite ensuite a partir a l'attaque des deaux postes suivants portement defendus, parles Allemands et ce malgre des difficultes inouies que presentait le terrain. il fit egalement de nombreux prisonniers dans ces dernieres positions.


In summary - the awards were awarded to Geatan Thimus, Lieutenant of Cavalry, for gallantry on 29 March 1918. Described as a brilliant, decisive and courageous officer, he personally led his men on an attack against enemy positions during which he was 'Wounded' in the head by an exploding grenade. In spite of considerable obstacles and great danger he persevered in pressing the attack, his actions resulting in the capture of 2 enemy posts, and many enemy prisoners

The Brevet parchment certificate folded and with only minor wear, comprising a single tiny edge tear and minor edge nicks, otherwise very good, and would be ideal for display purposes

Condition: Medals EF

Code: 18551Price: 190.00 GBP

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France: A fine unattributed mounted Second World War French 'Resistance' medal group of 3:


- Legion of Honour (Legion D'Honneur). 5th class 'Chevaliers' breast badge
- Resistance Medal 1940-1945 (Medaille de la Resistance). 1st Class 'Officer' grade
- War Commemorative Medal 39-45 (Medaille Commemorative 39-45). Clasp 'France'

The Legion of Honour with 'Sanglier' silver hallmark , or 'Poincon'

The 'Resistance' medal was the second decoration instituted by the Free French, under General De Gaulle, and was created in 1943. Only an estimated 4586 x 'Medal of Resistance' of the 1st Class 'Officer' class were awarded

The 'Liberation' clasp on the Commemorative Medal, was awarded for service in mainland France and the isle of Corsica, between 25 June 1940 and 8 May 1945. The medal with Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logo and bronze metal hallmarks on reverse

The group mounted on a mounting-rod, or 'Boule', in the tradtional French style

Only minor chipping to LOH, otherwise an attractive combination of awards mounted in the 'Ladder' style

Condition: GVF

Code: 18626Price: 195.00 GBP

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France: An unattributed 1939-1954 era 'Tirailleur' veterans 'Decorations' only group of 3

The group mounted as-worn comprises;

- Legion of Honour. 3rd Republic. 5th Class 'Chevaliers' breast badge
- Cross of War with 4 x Citations, including 2 x bronze & 2 x gilt stars
- Cross of War T.O.E., With 4 x Citations including 1 x bronze palm, and 3 x silver stars

The emblems on the War Crosses (Croix De Guerre's) denote;

- Bronze Star = Citation at Regiment or Brigade level
- Silver Star = Citation at Division level
- Gilt (Vermeil) star = Citation at corps level
- Bronze palm = Citation at Army level

The group mounted as worn in the French swing-style on traditional mounting pad, this latter retaining the original fittings for attachment to tunic. The light blue backing material on this group indicates a shortened 'Decorations' only ensemble, most likely worn by a 'Tirailleur' (North African (Algerian, Moroccan + Tunisian) colonial sharpshooter infantry) to match the colour of the regimental uniform - the Algerian 'Tirailleurs' tradtionally wearing distinctive light blue tuncis

An attractive contemporary combination of decorations awarded for gallant and distinguished service during the Second World War and the Indochina War, circa 1939-1954

Condition: About EF

Code: 18757Price:

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British Miniature Medal Group: An positively attributed 'Jungles to Jails' South East Asia campaign & prison service group of 3: Officer Patrick John Snell, B.E.M., Her Majesty's Prison Service, late Company Sergeant Major, 1st Battalion Seaforth Highland

- British Empire Medal (Civil Division). EIIR issue
- War Medal
- GSM 1918. GVI first issue with 2 clasps 'S.E. Asia 1945-46' & ' Malaya'

Important: The B.E.M. published in the London Gazette issue of 31 December 1984, and an award as Officer, Her Majesty's Prison Service, 'Reading Prison'

Note: The GSM medal with clasp 'S.E. Asia 1945-46' verified as entitled per the respective medal roll of 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders (ref WO 100/514 compiled at Gillman Barracks, Singapore, on 25 August 1947). 1/Seaforth, was the only Scottish regiment - and one of very few British Infantry regiments, to have deployed at battalion level, and qualify for this particular medal & clasp for fighting in Netherlands East Indies, with 26th Indian Division. in the period 1945-1946. Less then 500 x 'S. E. Asia' clasps were awarded to 1/Seaforth, the battalion subsequently serving a tour in Malaya, 1946-1951

Patrick John Snell, son of Herbert & Johannah Snell, was born, at Newton Abbot, Devon, England, circa 1927. In 1939, Patrick, still a schoolboy was residing at home with his parents, at Windown, Bridgewater, Somerset, where his father was employed as a 'Keeper & Rabbit Trapper'. Patrick joined the British Army as a 'Boy Soldier' in 1944, and was posted to the Seaforth Highlanders. Subsequently serving with 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. By the time he took his discharge from the British Army, circa 1962, he was holding the appointment of Company Sergeant Major (CSM). After leaving the British Army, Patrick joined the Prison Service and was serving as an Officer at Reading Prison, when he was decorated with the British Empire Medal in 1984. After retiring form the Prison Service, Patrick reloated to Inverness, Scotland. Patrick Snell is recorded as having died at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, Scotland, on 5 February 2009, and an obituary notice being posted in the Inverness Courier issue of 6 February

The medals mounted-as-worn in the court-style

Note: Only the miniature medals and named display label, are included in this item for sale. The attached images showing the recipient's full-size medals and naming on GSM are ony being shown for reference, and attribution purposes and are not included in the sale

Condition: GVF

Code: 18786Price:

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Belgium: Order of Leopold I. 5th Class ‘Knights’ breast badge. Bi-lingual (post 1951) legend

A silvered, gilt and enamel item of insignia

Condition: About EF

Code: 15764Price: 45.00 GBP

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