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World Militaria Webring
International webring hosting details of hundreds of medal and militaria dealers and their websites across the globe

French Colonial Medal (Medaille Coloniale)
An ensemble of Colonial Medals inspired by 'La Boudin' A representative sample of some of the Colonial Medals that Aberdeen Medals have handled in recent years

French Medals (Medailles Francaise)
An ensemble of French Orders, Decorations and Medals inspired by 'Le Regiment De Sambre Et Meuse - The Military March of the French Republic Stirring stuff!

Vimy Militaria
One of the best sources for Canadian medals and militaria. Run by Jim Godefroy, himself a medal collector and serving Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, his website offers a good selection of Orders, Decorations and Medals with a strong Canadian flavour as you would expect

Borderers Research
For anyone having an interest in Scottish military history in general, and in the medals of the Kings Own Scottish Boerderers and Cameronians in particular, then a visit this website run by medal collector, and Borderer Gerry ONeill is well recommended

Militaria Mart
Visit the dealers directory in the shopping mall for the largest selection of mostly United Kingdom based militaria dealers. Interestingly all members of Militaria Mart - irrespective of where they are located -are required to subscribe to a univeral code of conduct which ultimately is for the security and benefit of collectors who purchase on the world-wide-web

Anglo Boer War - Website
A useful resource covering all aspects of the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902. On this well illustrated website you will find much information on decorations and medals including; numbers awarded, the claspa issued, naming styles, gallantry award, as well as useful summaries on the regiments and units that served during the South African War

Si Vis Pacem, Parra Bellum (for Spanish Colonial History & Medals)
A strongly recommended website / blog to visit, for anyone with an interest in Spanish Colonial Military History. Here you can read articles and see fine images of various Spanish Orders, Decorations and Medals awarded for diverse campaigns and expeditions in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Sahara region - and much else besides. Google Translation will allow you access to a mine of information, not generally available in English language sites. The site is run by friends and collectors, Joan Herroro and Raimundo Miguel de Alonso, who will be pleased to correspond with like minded enthusiasts